Affiliate Information

Are you ready to start an internet business partnership with JAVBucks? If you have a website or a blog, you can gain affiliate rewards without any risks. The affiliate program which GC offers is totally free of charge and there is no screening for signup. Please get familiar with GC affiliate program with high affiliate reward, high purchase rate with our refined contents, trusting management system.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is program that utilizes affiliates (people who promote the product) through banners and links to earn a commission. When surfers purchase a product from your link or banner you receive a commission on that sale. If the price of a membership is $29.95 then your commission with JAV Bucks would be $14.97. You earn 50% on each paid membership that you send to us.

Chart 1
How much you can I earn?

That is a very hard question to answer, but our top selling affiliates do quite well. Some of our top affiliates are happy just promoting our sites and earning top money each month.

How do I get paid?

Depending on the work that you put into your websites, traffic generation, and promotion you can earn hypothetically 3 or 4 sales per day, more as time passes and you create a steady stream of visitors.

With that hard work you might see 3-5 sales per day which would net you between 99 - 150 sales per month. Using our tier chart when you sell over 100 sales in a month`s time you earn 55% of your total sales volume.
Given that here is an idea of what you can make:

  • $29.95 - 1 month
  • $59.00 - 3 months
  • $119.88 - 12 months
  • Your Commission $14.97
  • Your Commission $29.50
  • Your Commission $59.94

As an example using just the 1 month sale at $29.95 if you sold 120 one month memberships you would see a $1796 check for that goes into your pocket.
You also will receive money for the members who re-bill each month. (re-bills are members who are satisfied and bill again for another month of membership)
As your sales pick up you will have both new membership money and re-billing membership commissions.
The good news is that JAV content creates a 60% and higher re-billing ratio.

With those numbers in mind, of the 120 initial possible sales that you made you`ll have 72 that will possibly re-bill next month and then you`ll add in your new sales to that group making your next pay period even higher. You might see your commission checks rise quickly to over $7,000.00 within a 6 month period.

JAVBucks Makes It Easy

You will be able to signup free and promote without any costs to you. You will have a great selection of promotional material along with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions that you might have. Even if you are new at website promotion and marking you can add our promotional tools to blogs or websites and start making money.

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